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Captivated by the magic of working with glass, Rebecca Weddell creates beautiful and unique lampwork beads and offers a range of beadmaking courses.

Inspiration from students

When I make beads, my head and my hands automatically switch into ‘little and round’ mode. Ever since my first hours at the torch flame I’ve been obsessed by the way the glass seems to want to be round - and simply by turning the glass in the flame while taking into account its heat and its corresponding viscosity, it does seem to happen all by itself.

I find this flame shaping so compelling that it’s what I want to do almost all of the time! Yes I do make beads in other shapes and sizes, but little and round, well, what can I say? You’re my favourite things to make!

Of course, every artist is different - and that’s certainly as true in glass beadmaking as it is in any other art form. Because of this, I really enjoy seeing (and being involved in) the types of work made by my students and my regular ‘torchtimers’ here at the Let Fire Inspire workshop.


These beads were made by Doris, one of my regular torchtimers, last week - they’re big, they’re bold, and they’re utterly beautiful! She picked shades of purple, blue and pink to work with, combining some with clear and some with fine silver, and this set of beads is absolutely stunning! She used a wide range of colours in each one of her beads, mixing the glass almost as she applied it to create stunning swirly effects. Works of art? I jolly well think so!

Do you have some experience at the flame already?
Perhaps you’ve done a course with me, or with someone else, and are itching to get back to the torch!
Use my workshop and materials as your own on one of my ‘torchtime’ sessions at the Let Fire Inspire workshop - I’d love to welcome you along!

(And I’ll even make you a coffee!)


I’m not a fan of new years’ resolutions per se, but a new year does represent a new start, doesn’t it?

The typical new year’s resolution - in my experience in the past, anyway - involves a lot of the following:

’Give up……..’

Past resolutions of mine have included ‘lose weight’, ‘stop being lazy’, ‘give up alcohol’ - all of which are very pejorative, shouty and, well, negative! Add to that the huge pressure of A Certain Date being the absolute be-all and end-all of the resolution-making, and BANG, we’re all set up for failure!

These days any resolutions I make, or am planning to make, don’t have a fixed start point as such - they happen when I’m ready to make them happen. None of this ‘If I don’t do this by….. then I’m rubbish’ (or maybe that’s my own sub-text - seriously, do we all feel that?).


I’m not doing ‘Dry January’. But having realised last weekend that I’d gained six pounds since November when the only thing I’d changed was to have increased my wine consumption in the run-up to Christmas and beyond, I decided a few days ago, when the open bottle of Hardy’s Crest had given up its last glass, that I wouldn’t be opening another bottle for a bit.

That’s just a decision. And a sensible one. Not a high-pressure resolution that is tied to a definite start date, or that has to last a month, or has to have a funky name tag. And heck, if it helps me to lose those six ‘wine pounds’, that’s fine - but if it doesn’t, then that’s fine, too.

Most of my other recent decisions have involved STARTING something rather than STOPPING something. That’s MUCH more fun! For instance, I’m really enjoying learning new things:

I’m learning how to crochet
I’m building my general knowledge by doing a crossword over breakfast
I’m learning a lot by getting to grips with my business planning
I’m learning new beadmaking techniques in the workshop
I’m learning new recipes to make in the kitchen
I’ve learned too late when would have been the best time to have pruned the sprawling hydrangea outside the front of the house…

None of these are time-pressured (apart from that garden-related one!) - and I’m really enjoying myself!

What would YOU like to learn? A new skill? Or a new way of doing something you already do?
A language?
A sport?
A new way of boiling an egg or painting a wall?
A new craft? Perhaps you’d even like to learn the captivating craft of lampwork glass beadmaking?

I’m learning new things at the Let Fire Inspire workshop - it’s amazing what can happen at the torch flame! Learning is a true journey - and I hope it’s one that never stops!

I learn from my own students all the time - many a happy accident (either theirs, or indeed mine!) has become, with a little refinement and some practice, a whole different decorative technique!

If you’re up for the enthralling challenge of trying something new, how about boarding the train on my five-week ‘Journey into Beadmaking’ course starting on February 27? On the course you will learn a succession of beadmaking techniques at the torch flame AND get some jewellery-making experience under your belt.

And here’s a bonus for you - if you subscribe to my mailing list you will get 10% off your enrolment fee! Check it out below!

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

Anthony J. D’Angelo

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