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#CraftBlogClub spring clean gift swap - chapter 1

Members of #CraftBlogClub on Twitter like to get their crafting teeth stuck into a project - and the spring clean gift swap has been such fun to be part of! Like the Secret Santa it is a gift swap, but with the idea of spring cleaning your stash of crafting supplies at the same time!

I chose to destash my crochet yarn. Don’t get me wrong - I loved doing crochet - but it just wasn’t a great fit for keeping my fingers nimble enough to do my job, which is why I took early retirement from hooking! I’d been thinking of passing my yarn on for a while - and as the idea of the gift swap was to send the person some crafting goodies that you no longer need, or that someone else could make better use of, or a small gift made from using up some of your stash, this was absolutely the opportunity!

But my beads also had to get a look-in! I have my own stash of me-made lampwork glass beads here in the Let Fire Inspire workshop that I’ve wanted to hang on to for pattern or colour referencing purposes, and in fact I’ve built up quite a little ‘reference library’ of samples over the years. I wanted to send my gift exchange partner some of my beads, and my ‘library’ was the place to look!


I was matched with Pamela @MommyNeedsCookies for the gift swap - Pamela blogs at mommyneedscookies.com and I love reading about her crafting, cooking, planning, photography, family and adventuring exploits - do have a read!

Here’s what I wrote to Pamela:

Well, here it is – your #CraftBlogClub craft swap parcel!

It’s funny how things turn full circle, isn’t it? In the run-up to last Christmas I found myself hugely inspired by fellow #CraftBlogClubber Christine and her love of crochet while making her #SecretSanta gift – so much so that I caught the crochet bug and quite literally got hooked!

I pelted headlong into the world of crochet, poring over books and blogs all about crochet and getting inspired by all sorts of incredible crochet artists. I found YouTube to be a great source of ‘how to’ videos, and soon I had mastered* not only the granny square but also the solidgranny square! I was so pleased!


I wasn’t just pleased with my squares – I was pleased to have a new ‘me’ thing. You know, ‘me things’ are becoming ever more important in this busy world of ours. It’s all too easy to lose our identity in our family lives, in our work, in our down-time – well, at least that’s been my experience sometimes – and it’s nice to have a thing, a me thing to be getting on with in our quieter moments that for once doesn’t involve scrolling up and down a screen or getting otherwise in too deeply into the noise of life.

Sadly I hit a bit of a wall with my crochet – not with lack of time, or with lack of desire to do it, but actually it appeared I was getting symptoms of ‘trigger finger’!

I know! Crazy!!!

Too much hooking?
From zero to sixty far too fast?
Bad technique?
The wrong type of hold?
Too tight?
Not tight enough? 

Well, whatever it was, it seemed that my fingers, palms and forearms were getting sorer and tighter and more and more uncomfortable with very loop I hooked! I work with my hands all of the time, but these movements (and their knock-on effects of fatiguing different muscles to my ‘usual’ ones) just weren’t conducive to my ongoing comfort in the craft that I’ve made into my career!

I’m not sad though. Well, I am a bit – BUT the act of having tried a new craft, and fallen in love with it, and found that actually it wasn’t quite right for me, all still added up to a very worthwhile experience. I was very happy to identify myself as a crocheter, although it wasn’t for very long.

So in this parcel you will find three balls of yummy yarn – red, orange and grey. I hope you enjoy using them in a project or two! I loved the grey in particular, and actually I’ve got a little bit of my last ball of grey left, which I’m soon going to use to join my finished squares together to make the front of a cushion cover.

And because beads are (still!) a ‘me’ thing, I’m sending you some ‘destash’ beads, too! The ones with raised bands aren’t part of my repertoire any more, and I’ve been keeping these last ones to one side to stir and drool over just for my own guilty pleasure for quite some time now – but they need to move on, and they’re wanting to come and live with you. I hope you’ll like the addition to your crafting stash!

Keep on crafting!

When I walked home from the Post Office Stores, having posted the squishy, slightly rattly destash parcel off to pastures new on the other side of the Atlantic, I had an awful thought.

@MommyNeedsCookies is not only a fabulous crafter and #CraftBlogClub member, but is surely also a Mommy who NEEDS cookies. The clue’s in the name, right?

What didn’t I send? COOKIES…..!

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