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Captivated by the magic of working with glass, Rebecca Weddell creates beautiful and unique lampwork beads and offers a range of beadmaking courses.

The Creative Community

My friend Sarah of Adventure Accessories has posted an awesome post on her blog entitled 'Celebrating the Creative Community', which she's kindly allowing me to link to here in my own Journal. It's made me think of my own #creativecommunity and who those people are, where they hang out.

Being part of a creative community is wonderful - the boost we crafters get from others is immeasurable! And of course the creative community is not just online, but can be found across all platforms, including Real Life!

  • My workshop is located in a group of other creative businesses in the centre of a rural village, and I consider this to be one of 'my' creative communities.
  • Traders at craft fairs or artisan trade fairs are together a creative community. So, as it happens, are their customers!
  • Online, of course Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, and indeed the blog pages of individual creators, are all creative communities.
  • Those fabulous hashtag hours too - I participate in #HandmadeHour, #UkCraftersHour, #womaninbiz, #Crafturday, #UKGiftHour - to name very few of very very many - they're fabulous communities from which I've garnered support and friendship and yes, sales!

But it's not just about sales. Really it isn't. It's about being among people who get me as a loud and proud artisan creator of stuff. I am thrilled to be a member of a massive #creativecommunity. Are you?

Creative Community - Support For Online Friends

The Let Fire Inspire workshop is very much my domain, and mine alone - in that I have no staff, it's just me! When I run courses, of course I have company, but on the days when it's just me sitting at the torch flame making bead after bead, it can feel a little isolating. In my breaks I'll head online to check out what my Twitterpeeps are up to - perhaps I'll ask a question about something work-related, or share a story, or commiserate with one of my contacts who's having a bad day. Or indeed celebrate with them! Being part of a #creativecommunity is essential to my work/life balance.

The creative community is made up of lots of people like me. And my friends. As Sarah says:

When you buy from a handmade business a real person does a genuine happy dance. You are helping to support a person’s dream, put food on their table, clothes on their back or a roof over their head. 

Thank you so much to Sarah for making me think about the Creative Community, and indeed for the excuse to celebrate it!

Here's the blog link again, in case you missed it: Celebrating the Creative Community

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