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Captivated by the magic of working with glass, Rebecca Weddell creates beautiful and unique lampwork beads and offers a range of beadmaking courses.

A look back

A couple of days ago on Twitter I spotted the following post from my friend Sarah at Adventure Accessories, and it really touched a chord. This is what she said:


A couple of days after this post, she reported the following:

A year ago today I attended my first Christmas market. I am back today at the same event, but a different person and a fully fledged business owner. It’s good to look back at your development.

These words got me thinking - yes, it IS good to look back at your development - and why haven’t I done just that? It’s struck me that as a lampwork glass beadmaker selling my work to jewellery designers and makers, teaching courses in the captivating craft and making jewellery myself, I don’t often show people my first-ever beads. Thanks to Sarah, today is - brace yourselves, reader - that day! I have a whole little box full of the beads I made during two weekend beginners’ courses, and sadly I don’t have a record of the order they were made in. But I DO know which were the first three - and here they are, pictured with some of my more recent work. The white one was my first, then the red one. Blue was third.


I made these first beads in 2003. I started teaching in 2006. I moved my work out of my garden shed and into a rented workshop in the centre of the village in 2013, and that is where I can be found on most days, either making or teaching.

Now in 2018 I can look back at the good days and bad days in light of knowing how much difference time, practice and confidence can make. I have always wanted things to be absolutely perfect, and have often (and still do) fall into the tempting trap of NOT trying to do the things I feel I can’t do.

Instead - and very importantly - I need to remind myself that it’s not that I can’t do that thing - it is that I can’t do it YET.

Thank you Sarah for making me reflect on how far I’ve come, and on how very important it is to keep going in learning new things and practising new - and existing - skills.

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