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Captivated by the magic of working with glass, Rebecca Weddell creates beautiful and unique lampwork beads and offers a range of beadmaking courses.

Happy to be happy!

It’s been a little while since I posted, and I thought I’d just have a little muse and write down how things are going this week.

Despite being quite tired from all of my open studio shenanigans (my last Open Studio weekend of the season ended at the weekend) I’m very very excited about some pending projects! I’ll keep you posted!

This week I’m feeling particularly grateful for social media and my online business life. I’d been under the social media radar for quite some time, until a bout of illness in January this year caused me to gently revamp my website from my sickbed (!) and at the same time reintroduce myself to Twitter and Instagram.

The benefits of being back on social media have so far been manifold. I have found out about all sorts of things, like:

  • What a Bullet Journal is

  • How to use the Pomodoro Technique to NAIL tasks

  • How absolutely lovely the online crafting community is

  • Inspiration for colour combinations and patterns can be found in all sorts of unexpected places

  • Low carb granola can be delicious

….and many, many more.

I’ve found out what a hashtag hour is, and have found some absolute beauties! I participate in several - #womaninbiz, #HandmadeHour, #HHlunch, #UkCraftersHour and #CraftBlogClub to name just a few - and have met some incredibly lovely fellow crafters/makers/businessfolk in doing so.

And this week - TA DAAAAAH! - I have started offering my lampwork glass bead and sterling silver jewellery for sale on the fabulous new sales platform www.myCrafty.com. I’m utterly thrilled to be part of this site - have a look here and see what you think!

I’m selling jewellery on myCrafty, and beads on Etsy.

All is good at Let Fire Inspire - how about you?

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