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Captivated by the magic of working with glass, Rebecca Weddell creates beautiful and unique lampwork beads and offers a range of beadmaking courses.

Stuck for a gift idea?

Hi Christmas shoppers!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a lot of stuff. And I’m always very grateful indeed for any pressies - of course I am - but what I really love when it comes to gifts is an experience! There’s something very special about giving somebody the gift of doing something new, learning a new skill, experiencing something that they might not have otherwise tried.

I’m looking forward to experiencing the enjoyment of Christmas with family.
I’m looking forward to experiencing eating festive food (and, let’s face it, drinking wine).
I’m looking forward to experiencing the sheer giggliness of Christmas jumpers and reindeer antlers and Santa hats and the risk that the paper chains might again fall from the dining room ceiling into the gravy….

I have been doing some shopping, and there will be presents. Carefully selected, beautifully wrapped, and presented and (I hope) received with smiles.

But hey - if you combine the experience part with the present part, and what do you get?
The chance to do something amazing!

So why not give the gift of letting fire inspire this Christmas with a voucher for a lampwork glass beadmaking course? If you order your voucher by December 17 at the latest, Royal Mail assures me that its team will do its best to get it to you before Santa does!

If your gift of a course is for yourself, you could go right ahead and book online now!

A look back

A couple of days ago on Twitter I spotted the following post from my friend Sarah at Adventure Accessories, and it really touched a chord. This is what she said:


A couple of days after this post, she reported the following:

A year ago today I attended my first Christmas market. I am back today at the same event, but a different person and a fully fledged business owner. It’s good to look back at your development.

These words got me thinking - yes, it IS good to look back at your development - and why haven’t I done just that? It’s struck me that as a lampwork glass beadmaker selling my work to jewellery designers and makers, teaching courses in the captivating craft and making jewellery myself, I don’t often show people my first-ever beads. Thanks to Sarah, today is - brace yourselves, reader - that day! I have a whole little box full of the beads I made during two weekend beginners’ courses, and sadly I don’t have a record of the order they were made in. But I DO know which were the first three - and here they are, pictured with some of my more recent work. The white one was my first, then the red one. Blue was third.


I made these first beads in 2003. I started teaching in 2006. I moved my work out of my garden shed and into a rented workshop in the centre of the village in 2013, and that is where I can be found on most days, either making or teaching.

Now in 2018 I can look back at the good days and bad days in light of knowing how much difference time, practice and confidence can make. I have always wanted things to be absolutely perfect, and have often (and still do) fall into the tempting trap of NOT trying to do the things I feel I can’t do.

Instead - and very importantly - I need to remind myself that it’s not that I can’t do that thing - it is that I can’t do it YET.

Thank you Sarah for making me reflect on how far I’ve come, and on how very important it is to keep going in learning new things and practising new - and existing - skills.

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