Let fire inspire

Captivated by the magic of working with glass, Rebecca Weddell creates beautiful and unique lampwork beads and offers a range of beadmaking courses.

 about rebecca:
maker and teacher

I made my first lampwork glass bead in November 2003 on a course with Diana East, and set up my own hot-glass workshop soon after that.

I didn’t know lampwork glass beadmaking was even a ‘thing’ until I came across Di demonstrating this captivating craft at Art in Action - but that was the thunderbolt moment when I realised that glass and a torch flame were things I needed in my life!

I have been practising my craft in my own workshop and teaching space for over fifteen years. There’s always something new to discover - the continued pleasures of ‘happy accidents’, or finding new colour combinations, are an absolute delight!

A passion for the flame


My beautifully-appointed four-torch workshop in East Sussex is an ideal location to embark on your own creative journey into lampwork glass beadmaking. It’s right in the centre of East Hoathly village, with plenty of free parking.

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The right course for you

Perhaps you’re a complete beginner looking for a new experience with friends, or a budding jewellery-making entrepreneur looking to add your own beads to your product range? Maybe you’ve already got some experience at the torch flame and would like to work independently on your own projects?

Whatever your motivation, I’ve got just the course for you! I can accommodate up to four students at a time.

  • Only got a morning to spare? Join me on a 90-minute taster course and make three gorgeous beads of your own from scratch.
    Suitable for complete beginners.

  • Want more time to torch but can’t spare a whole day? A half-day course is for you - we’ll make at least five beads in your three-hour session.
    Suitable for complete beginners or lampworkers with experience.

  • Want to spend a whole day out with up to three of your friends learning something new and creating your own fabulous pieces of glass art? Join me on an all-day course - with a delicious homemade lunch included!
    Suitable for complete beginners or lampworkers with experience.

  • Enjoy working one-to-one? Let’s make it just you and me!

  • Perhaps you’ve got some experience at the torch flame already, but haven’t got the time or space to set up your own torch or build your own stash of glassy goodies to play with. Why not book a torchtime slot and use my tools, equipment and glass as your own?
    Suitable for those with experience.

The Workshop, 8 Village Works, London Road, East Hoathly
Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 6QA
01825 840638

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